Photography & Stories

I am passionate about bringing artists, makers, and producers into the light. When I take on a client I spend time communicating with you to understand the story, the passion & the ideas behind the project.

I want to show your best work to the world, and I strive to create images and stories that convey the quality of your passions. Your community - your customers, clients and network deserve to see the best of what you have to offer.


Ceramic Art Photography

Great work deserves great photography. A beautiful photograph shows the world the results of your passion and hard work.

As a maker myself, I tune in to the search for character and vitality - the living presence of an object. I work to portray this in my images of your work.

Food Photography

The Byron region is home to some of Australia's greatest innovative and growing food producers. Your product deserves to shine with the best of them.

I work together with you to craft images that share the story of your product. We will craft content for print, websites & social media, including recipe development to show your food in action. Engage your audience with compelling images and stories.

Personal Work

I explore the world, looking for quiet moments of beauty and the everyday sublime.